A Model Of The Creative Problem Solving Process

I’ve built my own model of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process created originally by Alex Osborne and Sid Parnes.  A copy of the PowerPoint can be downloaded here: https://andrewzenyuch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/The Creative Problem Solving Process by Andrew Zenyuch.ppt

It is based on my interpretation of the basic CPS process and uses the tools I feel would work best in each stage.  It is built in PowerPoint as if I were facilitating you through the process.  I think it might actually work if you wanted to try it on your own, too.  I’m hoping to post each stage as a separate post on here as well.

While putting this process together, I realized some changes I would make to it.  I outlined what my process would look like towards the end of the PowerPoint.  They aren’t radical changes – just changes that I feel would help people get more out of the process and get through the process easier.  I’m hoping to build that out into its own model sometime soon.  When I do, I’ll post it on here as well.