Ideation Methodology

I am trained in the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving (CPS) model of ideation. An overview of this powerful 6-step process can be found here: A Model Of The Creative Problem Solving Process. This is a flexible process, and can be modified to generate ideas for pretty much any problem that needs them.

I have modified the this process to generate shopper marketing program concepts for my current position at Integrated Marketing Services. It’s ongoing challenge, and I am constantly refining and tweaking the process to get maximize the results in the little time we have. 

I am also trained in the the Focused Innovation Technique, a modified creative problem solving process aimed at generating new product and service ideas. It’s different than The Osborne-Parnes model and focuses mainly on the 4th – 6th steps: Idea Finding, Solution Finding and Action Planning, with a little bit of Fact Finding. It is strong on the Solution Finding stage, where it really rounds out the detail on the idea. The extra attention on this step really helps when creating new products and services, which is the goal of the process.