Gender Barrier Broken At Kennedy High – Article

This article was created for a class in college.  It is a sports-related article highlighting a unique situation with a high school baseball team.

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Gender Barrier Broken At Kennedy High

SOUTH ORANGE – The Kennedy High School baseball statistics sheet may have to be a little more politically correct this season. Instead of reading first baseman, it will have to read first baseperson. A girl has now joined the Knights.

Christine Malley made the varsity boys baseball team at Kennedy High School. Christine is a 16 year old junior. She plays shortstop.

Christine is the first girl to make a varsity baseball team in New Jersey. The only other female to compete at the boys’ varsity level was Virginia Rogers, who played basketball at Dover High School in 1990. She quit after two weeks.

When asked why she decided to don the purple and white for the Knights this season, Christine said she loves baseball and needed more of a challenge.

“There wasn’t much thrill in playing intramural softball with the girls last year,” Christine said. “These guys can play, and I think I can play with them.”

Christine has been playing baseball since she was 7 years old. He dad taught her the game before he died.

“(I have) been playing baseball with the boys in the lot down the block since I was 7,” Christine said.

Christine met some adversity when she tried out for the team. She got dirty looks from the players, but nothing was said directly to her.

“I got plenty of dirty looks when I showed up for tryouts. (I) got some more when I made the team,” Christine said. “But a lot of guys congratulated me (for making the team), and nobody else said anything.”

The Knights kick off their season Wednesday with a home game against Johnson Industrial High School. It is unknown at this time whether Christine will start. While having a good glove in the field, Christine may have to work more at the plate before she earns a starting position.

Although most girls would be intimidated by trying out for varsity boys team, Christine is having a blast.

“I’m having the time of my life,” Christine said.