Hasbro Annual Fun & Game Event Sweepstakes

Hasbro’s Annual Fun & Game Event is an exciting promotion for the whole family.  Kids get a chance to win their favorite Hasbro toys and games through an online sweepstakes that awards one prize every hour for 43 days.  Moms get great savings through one-day-only deals and over $125 in coupons via Coupons.com.

To bring this promotion to life, we designed and wrote a microsite, and handed it off to e-prize to build out the game and daily deal back end.  We drove traffic to the site through a Custom TV Spot, a Coupons.com TV Spot (with voiceover), a Hasbro.com banner and banner ads on other websites highlighting the savings message.  In-store, we created tear pads offering instant savings on select Hasbro products.

TV Creative
Hasbro.com Banner
Hasbro.com Banner
Tear Pads