Margaritaville® Parrot Head Advanced Suncare 2013 :30 Radio Spot

Margaritaville® Parrot Head Advanced Suncare just launched in early 2013, and they wanted to raise awareness of their new brand in time for the peak summer beach season. This :30 radio spot plays up the “paradise” nature of the brand in a recognizable way while highlighting it’s propitiatory Aloe Hydrating Complex.


Full Script:

SFX – Islandy music or Margaritaville

Woman 1: Kristen, I found the way to paradise.

Woman 2: Really?

Woman 1: Yes, and it’s great for my skin too.

Woman 2: What is it?

Woman 1: Margaritaville Parrot Head Advanced Suncare! It’s the only sun care with Aloe Hydrating Complex, which moisturizes my skin while it protects me.

Woman 2: Wow – that sounds great.

Woman 1: My skin’s never felt better after a day in the sun. I just put it on, and it’s relaxing smell and feel take me straight to paradise. So…want to take a trip?

Woman 2: I’ll bring the margaritas.

SFX – Women laugh. Margaritaville or Islandy music gets louder for a moment or 2 then fades

Woman 1 (as voiceover): Margaritaville Parrot Head Advanced Suncare – available at Walmart, Walgreens, Publix and local beach stores

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