Perrier Beach House Sweepstakes – In-Store POS

Perrier is running a sweepstakes where the winner and 9 of their friends get to spend a week at the Perrier Beach House in Miami. My agency was charged with creating the retail POS, with dual goal of getting people to enter and creating equity with the brand.

The challenge from a shopper marketing standpoint was 2 fold: getting people to enter, and getting the display in stores that didn’t allow sweepstakes communication on POS materials.

We solved this by creating the display below. The image above features a brand-centric headline that ties together Perrier and the summer imagery. The sweeps is communicated on the cubes, which are stacked on various elements of the displays. Since they’re lightweight and portable, this allows us to place the sweeps communication at retailers who would allow it, while using the larger display at all retailers. The creative from the cubes is below.

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Perrier Beach House Full Display Rendering

Perrier Beach House Sweeps Cube

Perrier Beach House Sweeps Cube 2